details, details, details . . .

I’ve never worn or bought anything from Tory Burch before — I don’t usually go for overly logo-ed designer accessories. But I was in need of a simple pair of patent flats in a neutral color for summer and these fit the bill, so I took a chance and ordered them online. (I am an avid online shopper — nothing is better than having things delivered directly to your door!

The shoes are just what I expected. But the way they were packaged really impressed me:

  • a shipping box that fits the product perfectly
  • a great first impression: beautiful shiny orange over wrap, gold embossed sticker, receipts and return stickers neatly folded into a customized envelope, and a note from the designer

  • colorful box with thick elastic closure

  • unexpected and oh so fun box interior
  • neatly folded tissue to protect the product

Design is in the details. Keepers for sure!

1 thought on “details, details, details . . .

  1. Hi – this is Dorothy Lloyd. I also wrote a blog – Love those shoes.

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