time for a cleanse

courtesy BPC

Been eating a bit too much of the bad stuff lately. Traveling will do that to a girl. To get back on track, I rely on Blue Print Cleanse. A few days of juice and nothing but juice — three days is the max i can go but a week is recommended for best results.

I used to rely regularly, on their “Juice ‘til Dinner” option which was juice all day and a raw vegi dinner in the evening with the most amazing raw fruit and nut bars thrown in for a snack but they no longer offer that program. (I’m hoping they bring it back soon!)

There are 3 different cleanses available. As I’m not a fan of earthy tasting beet/carrot concoctions, I go for the second level — three green juices, one pineapple mint, 1 spicy lemonade, and a cashew milk. Some people can’t stand the green juice but I find it to be sweet and tasty — it just gets hard to drink so much of it which is why 3 days is my limit.

Helpful hint: use a straw and somehow it goes down much easier.

They couldn’t make it any simpler, delivering right to your door (depending on your location deliveries are made via their own service or Fed-Ex. In NYC, LA and Chicago you can also pick up)  Plus, they’ll supply a cooler bag for juice on the go at no extra charge. I also noticed their juice in my local Whole Foods this weekend and the price seemed cheaper than ordering online, but the selection was picked through and I always worry about freshness. So for now, I’ll stick to mail order.

Happy Juicing!

2 thoughts on “time for a cleanse

  1. Thank you Rosemary. It’s great to have you following. Being new to this, that means a lot! Oh, and if you find a recipe for the dessert from Golden Fields, do let me know . . .

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