let the challenge begin . . .

I love ice cream!  It’s all about texture for me and something about cool, creamy ice cream calms me instantly. Sadly, my favorite flavor of all time — Wavy Gravy by Ben and Jerry’s, a caramel & Brazil nut ice cream base with ribbons of rich, dark hazelnut fudge and toasted almonds — is no longer produced. So for years now, I’ve been on a quest to come up with a new favorite. There are lots of contenders thus far but no clear winner.

Won’t you join me in my quest to find the best?  I can’t think of a more fun challenge . . .
Today’s Contender:  Graeter’s Ice Cream
Location:  Cincinnati, Ohio
Flavor:  Black Raspberry Chip

This may be cheating, but today’s ice cream challenge comes to me via overnight shipping. The first time I had Graeter’s, I was on a photo shoot in Ohio and couldn’t resist stopping for ice cream every night on the way back to my hotel. Their French pot ice cream, made by hand just 2 gallons at a time, is rich, dense, and supremely creamy. Their chocolate chip flavors don’t just have chips, but fudgy chunks (sometimes mammoth) made by pouring liquified chocolate into the cold, churning ice cream to harden. And the black raspberry flavor is right up there with the best of the best. A true contender.

Photo courtesy Graeter’s Ice Cream

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