anthropologie love

I don’t consider myself to be a flowery or antique-y kind of gal. In fact, I’m about as modern as it gets. Yet, I just can’t seem to walk into an Anthropologie store without buying something — lots of somethings. Been this way since the first time I walked into one and continues to this day. Something about the search and find atmosphere, the well curated selection of goods, and the intoxicating environment that makes you want to take it all home with you. Plus, they switch up their goods so much and make each store unique enough that it always feels fresh and new, yet oddly familiar. As an ex-retailer, I applaud them. As a consumer, i secretly loathe them for getting under my skin so easily.

Here are some of the things that have made their way into my heart of late:

Travel books. I never pay full price for books except at this store. But who could resist these beautiful guides that reveal secrets of design insiders.

Printed version of Sweet Paul Magazine. You can read the magazine online but seeing it in person — how beautifully it was printed — made me gladly hand over $24.00 for the summer 2012 issue.

What girl doesn’t need an electric blue wristlet and a rain hat for summer? And don’t even get me started on the clothing. There might be a pair of pants, and a little summer jacket newly added to my closet, as well.

Just a few more things that caught my eye but stayed put on their shelves:

collection of flower vases — so pretty!

snail watering can — looks like an antique but isn’t

Oh, and if the store isn’t tantalizing enough, there’s a TV show on The Sundance Channel that follows the shopping exploits of Keith Johnson, found objects buyer, as he searches out many of the wonderful things for not only the stores but the small gallery space within the NYC Rockefeller Center location. Can you say dream job?

At any rate, I just can’t say enough about this shop. They now have locations all over the world, so stop in and have your own little splurge one day soon.

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