ice cream challenge

Today’s Contender:  Pitango Gelato
Location:  Washington, DC
Flavors: Bacio (chocolate hazelnut with hazelnut pieces) & Coconut

Ok, this is a tough one. Not that Pitango Gelato isn’t good. It’s up there with some of the best gelato I’ve had. The texture is sticky creamy in that way gelato differs from ice cream — so reached due to the lower butter fat content and different churning methods. The flavor comes on strong the minute it hits your tongue, especially the coconut. But it is Expensive with a capital E. You think it’s expensive looking at the size of the tiny cup and the $4.99 price tag (plus tax, it comes to $5.49 for a small tiny) but then you put your little spoon in and realize the interior of the cup only goes down a bit over half way. You’ve gotten even less product than you thought.

The high prices are due to the quality of the ingredients. Not only natural and organic but literally the best you can get. Most are locally sourced but some are imported directly by the owners in order to impart authentic and intense flavors. Worth it?  Oh yeah, for a splurge now and again. But as far as the challenge goes, I’ll keep looking . . .

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