long lost designer

Way back when in my tiny little Los Angeles clothing boutique (A Red Wheelbarrow), I carried a young British designer by the name of Ally Capellino. Her clothes were beautiful and I still covet the pieces I have in my midst today. I always remember her stunning seasonal catalogs and for some reason, her address on Wardour Street in London — hoping, I think, to get back there some day.

All these years later I have come across the lovely and talented Ally Capellino once again, thanks to my friend Kim and both of their participation in the 2012 London Design Festival pop up shops. No longer an apparel designer and no longer on Wardour Street, Ally is now an accessories designer with the same eponymous company name & logo and two London stores — one East in Shoreditch and one West on Portabello Road.

I love the little map of her history (click image to enlarge) as it reminds me of that style of hers I once knew and loved so much. Oh, how I wish she still did apparel! But the bags are lovely too. Her shop is certainly on my list to visit next time in London.

images courtesy Ally Capellino

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