practical magic

It is rare that I am completely awed by a retail establishment these days. But on a recent return trip to Yountville, CA  I came across the most magical little place — a gas station of all things.  It’s a gas station that doubles as a gift/convenience shop for the sophisticated traveler — the kind you find in the Napa Valley, of course.

Gas pumps on the outside and on the inside . . . art installations on the walls, gourmet coffee and dogs, cold craft beers in the cooler along side soft drinks and picnic supplies.  A wall full of local wines at affordable prices and a plethora of well chosen gift and food items. Somebody has a real vision and everything from the retro ice cream cooler (with amazing fruit bars in it BTW) to the light fixtures, to the Stanley thermos bottles for sale behind the counter, and every other little detail follows suit.

Even if you don’t need gas, seek out this gem of a shop. It’s worth going out of your way for.

Kelly’s Provisions   6795 Washington Street,  Yountville, CA

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