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If you’ve been reading from the beginning, then you know my obsession with all things Australian. Here is a wonderful little project I learned about when i was down under last March — Melbourne City Rooftop Honey.

Vanessa Kwiatkowski and Mat Lumalasi are the founders of this wonderful project aimed at fostering awareness & sustainability by protecting a declining bee population, closing the gap between production and plate, and creating delicious local honey.  With 50 active hives already in and around the city center, their goal is to place hives on rooftops and in gardens in every neighborhood and every suburb of Melbourne. A waiting list of 300 individuals and businesses looking to participate should make this goal a reality in no time.

The honey is bottled with the help of local restaurant kitchens (many of the same businesses that house hives on their roofs) according to the location of the hive. You can purchase Carlton Honey, East Brunswick Honey, St. Kilda Honey and so on. They say, no two locations taste the same. I found the honey and its story to make great gifts for friends and co-workers alike. Available at Ganim’s Store 61 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy and other area shops and restaurants.

The efforts of Melbourne City Rooftop Honey mirror similar efforts of urban bee keeping projects around the world including those in Paris, London, Toronto and New York City. Support your local honey bee populations if you can.

photos courtesy Ganim’s Store

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