frame your face

Nothing is a better beauty boost than having your eyebrows done. Not only does a perfect eyebrow frame your face but when done right, it can make you look and feel like you’ve had a mini facelift. I kid you not!

I have been going to the same eyebrow specialist for nearly 15 years — Michael Rey III, proprietor of Chroma Makeup Studio in Beverly Hills, CA. Nobody touches my brows besides Michael — except on one occasion, his partner Lisa Cosino. I’ve followed Michael from another studio, to a temporary set up in Lisa’s house, to their own studio and now travel far and wide to stay a loyal client. Given that I haven’t lived in LA for 10 years now, sometimes I admittedly go far too long between visits but Michael returns my brows to perfection every time. On my last visit he spent nearly an hour plucking, tweezing and snipping what had become little forests into perfectly arched, face framing beauties — no wax here. And voila, a whole new me. Best $40 you can spend, I promise.

459 N. Canon Drive Beverly Hills, CA  90210

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