ice cream challenge

Today’s Contender:  Sprinkles Ice Cream
Location:  Beverly Hills, CA
Flavor:  Banana (with vanilla cupcake topping)

OK, this just isn’t fair. Having been sick for a whopping three weeks with the worst flu/cold I can remember and no sense of taste as a result, it is at this time that I found myself two doors down from Sprinkles Ice Cream in Beverly Hills, CA. My LA based friends have been raving about this place since the day it opened. What’s a girl to do . . . Try it anyway.

I’m a sucker for anything banana. It was first on the list, the girl behind the counter said it was her favorite, so no contest. Even in my tasteless state I could tell it was loaded with banana flavor. It was a bit icy in texture as something made with tons of real bananas would be. Can’t fault that. And even if I couldn’t taste it fully, it sure felt good going down.

I also taste tested the salted caramel (you get two free tastes to an order)  — it was more creamy in texture and I got a strong sense of saltiness even if I couldn’t taste the caramel. Chalk that up to my illness. Guess I’ll just have to come back next time I’m in town. It might be a few months but you can bet I’ll be trying the Cupcake Top Ice Cream Sandwich when I do. This is after all, the sister shop to Sprinkles Cupcakes (located right next door).

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