holiday picks




1. Great guides to weekend travel spots in Europe or USA/Canada, $39.99 ea. from Taschen    2. Adopt an olive tree in someone’s name for a year and they’ll receive an adoption packet now and come spring, 3 x 500 ml. cans of cold pressed extra virgin olive oil from the very grove where their tree grows in Italy, $69 from Nudo   3. Clever zipper bags perfect for make-up or other assorted sundries, $16.50 ea. from Pamela Barsky   4. The most adorable fortune telling kit ever, $78 at Anthropologie   5. Gloves that work with your iPhone (and other smart gadgets) so there’s no need to have cold fingers this winter. Available in many colors, $19.95 from Muji   6. Affordable bubbly, beautifully packaged, $19 from Coppola Winery   7. There’s no better way to read than with the new Kindle Paperwhite, from $119 (colorful leather case, $39.99) at   8. Cute as a bunny slippers, $95 (also available in infant & kids) at Alder & Co.

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