a hint of paris

Buvette, New York City                                                                                                             42 Grove Street (West Village)

Buvette Exterior Winter Ooh La La! One of the most charming little restaurants I have come across in awhile. Perfect refuge from the cold weather outside. All warm and cozy inside with a decidedly French flair. I don’t think you could go wrong with any meal here. The food, all served on little plates and charming little plate stands, is straight forward French comfort food — eggs, cheeses, charcuterie, legumes, salads, crepes, tartines, etc . . . The clientele is a mix of neighborhood locals, celebs (Carla Gugino cozied up to the bar while we were there) and tourists alike (just say we weren’t the only ones taking photos). But I say more neighborhood staple than anything else and somewhere I could easily eat at again and again. I at least need to try everything on the menu. How often do you say that about a restaurant? Take a look at this:

Coffee garnered oohs and aah’s when placed on the table:coffeeI’ll have a scone with that:sconeand maybe a bit of cheese:cheesetry the omelette with goat cheese & sun dried tomatoes:IMG_1829or one of many croque sandwiches, this being the Madame:IMG_1831or a refreshing salad:IMG_1833

As good as the food was, I was even more enamored by the lovely printed matter from the pop up breakfast menu, to the new years eve pop up postcard, to the collection of old menus in a vase, to the die-cut business cards served up with your receipt . . .

printed matterTrés bon! Trés, trés bon!

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