ice cream challenge


Today’s Contender:  Sketch Ice Cream
Location:  Berkeley, California
Flavors:  Coco Nib & Coffee Swirl (with a mini molasses drop cookie)

Our first soft serve contender lovingly made by husband and wife team Ruthie & Eric, two pastry chefs who’ve ventured away from the restaurant world and opened their own little shop on the lonely end of 4th Street in Berkeley. It’s hard to call this place an ice cream shop really. Just four soft serve flavors on offer, the bulk of what they do seems to be tiny pastries and pasties (yes, savory) — and little gift-able bags of goodies like marshmallows and candies.

You can feel the love the minute you walk in the door.  Every charming detail of this minimalist shop has been painstakingly thought through and you can taste it in the food as well. The soft serve ice cream has the most intense flavors — it immediately brought me to life on a dull, rainy, and blustery day when only I would order ice cream to begin with.

I sincerely hope that people find this little gem of a shop and enjoy the ice cream as much as I did. Oh, and the molasses cookie, a little bite-size add on of my own doing, was perfectly chewy and wonderful as well. When you’re in the area, do make a point to venture south of University Avenue and feel the love for yourself.

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