how to meet men

Girls, if you want to meet a man with refined taste, between the ages of 28 and 55, with enough spare income to drop $200 on what, essentially, is a dinner . . . look no further. For that same $200 investment you can be the only girl among 7 good looking, well-mannered, and hungry men on any given Wednesday evening, just as I was recently in Sydney, Australia. No lie.

VictorChurchillVictor Churchill is the most up-market butcher shop in the world. Millions of dollars were spent on its fit out and it looks like no other butcher shop you have ever seen. Butchers work on display in a temperature controlled glass room while dry aging meats hang next door in a similar glass room but with a full Himalayan salt wall in back to promote the aging process. The two are separated by a restored, fire-engine red, antique meat slicer that cost more than my car I am sure. Clearly the art form of butchery and the quality products themselves, are meant to be equally awe inspiring.

Screen Shot 2013-03-31 at 4.33.02 PMJust as awe inspiring to me, the floor is made of three continuous slabs of Calacatta marble cut into individual 1 x 2 in. mosaics for an anti-slip finish. The lighting rivals any stage play and having been there after hours to see first hand, the security system rivals that of Fort Knox.

VCfloorOh, and people shop here too. If crazy expensive, highest quality, grass fed beef, or 9+ full-blood Wagu beef isn’t your thing, try some house made charcuterie or free-range chicken roasted on an imported French rotisserie with duck fat roasted potatoes on the side. Or stop in daily between 11-2 for a sausage or hot dog on a roll. I’m sure they are the best sausages and hot dogs you have ever had. Certainly the most expensive. But isn’t it worth it?
VCclassmatesBack to the important stuff . . . men eating meat and drinking wine is essentially what Victor Churchill’s, Let’s Cook Meat class is. It’s a demonstration class that runs Wednesday nights from 7-10 where participants sample duck confit, spatchcock, prime aged beef, filet, Wagu (the best by the way), cracklin’ and more — all cooked by a goofy young chef who doubles as a store clerk and clearly loves his job. For other classes offered see the Victor Churchill website. Although to register, skip the online sign up and just call directly. It’s your best chance of getting in and/or a response for that matter.

I personally thought the class was worth every penny and I wasn’t even in the market for a man. The food was great and plentiful. The shop beautiful. The evening fun. You do walk away with recipes although I have never even glanced at them — I was in it for the experience. This was one of the reasons I stayed in the Woollahra neighborhood on my recent trip to Sydney. After class, I simply strolled home a few blocks down the road to my bed . . . alone . . .  promise!

Victor Churchill
132 Queen Street
Woollalhra, NSW 2025 AUSTRALIA
02 9328 0402

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