ice cream challenge

GelatoMessinaToday’s Contender:  Gelato Messina
Location:  Sydney, Australia
Flavors:  Yogurt Caramel & Elvis the Fat Years

The name alone is worth ordering Elvis the Fat Years for but the Yogurt Caramel, just may be the best thing I have ever eaten in my life. The perfect balance between tart and sweet. The perfect soft texture. Oh, if only i lived closer to Gelato Messina this would be the one. Or maybe it is better that I don’t.

Gelato Messina is a special kind of gelato shop. Only the best ingredients. Interesting and amazing (even some wacky) flavors where every bit, part and piece is made from scratch. Just the mere mention of the shop’s name to anyone in Sydney and drool begins to flow. Day or night, there is a crowd. And what’s more, it’s an affordable treat with a double scoop being just $6. For Australia especially, that’s a great price.

My new dream is to take one of Gelato Messina’s gelato making classes and open an outlet here in the States. Of course I may also need to kidnap their chef that comes up with these concoctions and also knows how to bake cakes, cookies, make caramel and jam and all the other amazing bits, parts & pieces. Then again, It may just be easier to make another trip to Sydney when I get a hankering.

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