lunch at the plaza, anyone?

plazalunchI found myself mid-day, in Mid-town Manhattan last week with hunger pangs to end all hunger pangs. To The Plaza! As I realized I hadn’t yet checked out the food hall there. But how to decide? The Tartinery looked fabulous but alas all of it’s 10 seats were taken. Lukes Lobster? No, we have that here is DC. And then I spied a No. 7 Sub Shop, one of my favorite New York spots for a creative sandwich. My choice, ham with sharp cheddar cheese, caramelized onions for sweetness, red cabbage slaw for crunch and hot mustard for a little kick. The choices for dessert were an even greater collection of New York favorites from simple frozen yogurt to Billy’s cupcakes, to Maison du Chocolate bon bons, to Payard macarons, or a slice of Lady M’s Green Tea Milles Crepes — it’s light and creamy, with the perfect amount of sweetness. How could I resist?

Lunch at The Plaza under $20, who would have thunk?

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