ready set cook

beef tunachickenThree meals, six servings, 30 minutes or less of cooking time, $84 delivered to my door — I’d say not a bad thing this Plated concept. With the few things I picked up at the market (for breakfast & lunches) and I ate my 7th dinner out, I didn’t spend anymore on food this week than I would have normally. Yet I got a lot more variety in my diet and no waste.

One of many new food delivery services where they shop, you cook popping up around the country, Plated is currently shipping fresh and locally sourced foods to East Coast addresses from Boston to DC. Was it perfect, no — I got mint instead of basil for my chicken dish and the watercress was a bit wilted. But these were easy things to work around and I still produced 3 great looking and tasty dishes x 2 each.

Here’s how it works: you choose between 5 guest chef designed meals (minimum 2 servings each) and they fed-ex you everything you need to cook those meals (minus pantry staples like olive oil, salt & pepper) for Tuesday delivery. Everything comes packed on ice in a recyclable box with photo aided instructions. Couldn’t be simpler. And the more you order the cheaper it gets with $10 a meal being the lowest priced possibility (this price requires a $10 monthly auto ship membership). Shipping is included in the price.

Would I want to eat this way every week? Personally, I am not one to eat carbs with every meal so probably no auto ship for me. But would I do it again? You bet. Shopping and cooking for one isn’t easy. This was a welcome change to the same old, same old that I tend to eat every week.

Try it yourself and use this code at checkout to receive a one month membership and 4 free plates:  freegiftmay10

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