ice cream challenge


Today’s Contender: Ici
Location: Berkeley, California
Flavors: Pink Peppermint & Orange Chocolate Chip

The sweetest little ice cream shop you have ever seen. Individually framed and hand-scripted signs, hanging along the walls from big pink satin ribbons like works of art, announce today’s flavors. The case is filled with festive bombes and mini baked Alaskas. The counter, teams with yummy looking treats and goodies. But the real treat amongst them, are the ice cream cones — hand rolled with a chocolate plug at the base to keep the ice cream from dripping down your arm.

The Pink Peppermint was the most heavenly shade of pink, I couldn’t resist it. But the Orange Chocolate Chip was to die for. The star of the show for sure with it’s intense orange flavor balanced with just the perfect amount of rich, deep dark chocolate chips (more like chocolate shavings). Made me wish I had tasted all the daily flavors just to see if this was really the best. Although it’s hard to imagine anything better.

This is true artisan ice cream — inventive flavors, all organic and fresh local ingredients made in small batches just to last a couple of days, tops. Add in the beautiful presentation, a charming staff eager to give suggestions and/or tastes in real metal spoons, and you’ve got a divine experience on your hands. All just $4.75 for an ample double dipped cone (tipped into a cup for ease of photography on the run). Perfection!

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