ice cream challenge

16 flavorsToday’s Contender:  RM Seafood’s Ice Cream Tasting
Location:  Las Vegas, Nevada
Flavors:  French Vanilla plus 15 mystery flavors

This is the ultimate ice cream challenge — 16 flavors, 20 minutes, you guess them all and it’s free!  But don’t think it’s so simple. The flavors are all over the map, some straight forward and common, others kinda out there. I won’t divulge any of the flavors we tasted, just in case they repeat them (flavors change every three days). The only constant in every tasting is the French Vanilla (a darn good French Vanilla at that!) which sits in the upper right hand corner so you have your bearings on the accompanying sheet provided to record your guesses. And guesses many of them will be.

In the past 4 years RM Seafood has been doing the tasting, only a handful of folks, including one 12 year old girl, have gotten them all correct — we came close missing only one altogether but eking by on a couple of others with guesses in the vicinity but not spot on. So be prepared to fork over your 20 bucks in the end. That’s pretty cheap entertainment by Vegas standards for a fun-filled end of meal group activity.  Of course, you could always turn it into a diner against diner competition and venture a little wager . . . this is Vegas after all.

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