ice cream challenge

big gay iceToday’s Contender:  Big Gay Ice Cream Shop
Location:  New York, NY
Flavor:  The Bea Arthur & The Salty Pimp

This is just plain fun more than serious contender. Started as the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, like so many truck brethren, it’s gone brick and mortar with its crazy combinations of soft serve & toppings  — and equally crazy names to go with.

The ode to Bea Arthur (how I loved her as Maude) is vanilla soft serve atop a vanilla wafer stuffed cone, with caramel ribbons lovingly squeezed into the ice cream peak and rolled in vanilla wafer crumbs.

The Salty Pimp is salty!  A vanilla swirl cone, dusted with sea salt, drizzled with dulce de leche and dipped in a chocolate shell.

The soft serve is more the texture of frozen custard — more dense than say your local Dairy Queen. I wouldn’t say drop everything and go running good, but fun should you be in the neighborhood or happen to see the still active truck on a nearby street. I wonder if it has ice cream truck music. That might be too gay, huh?

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