to your health

VegiesOK kids, the time has come. I’m going on a health kick for a month. Big vacation coming up, not to mention a change in seasons which means a change in wardrobe and a natural tendency to stay inside as the weather gets cooler outside. Not this girl. Not this year.

Here’s the plan. . .

  • Up each weekday morning by 6AM and out. I live right next to the National Zoo. It’s the perfect spot for a morning walk. Gates open while it’s still dark out, zoo-keepers are busy doing their thing feeding the animals, and the rest of us get a quiet peaceful morning workout on one of the few hills in the city.
  • On top of walking, I like to swim. And the goal is 3 days a week in the pool. 18 laps swimming, 18 laps running, and 100 reps of arm exercises.
  • Then there’s the eating. Low to no carb, high protein — think eggs, chicken salmon, veggies and maybe a few nuts & berries as the month progresses.

Ambitious you say? It’s only 31 days. And now that I’ve shared my plans with you . . . Game On!

As the month progresses I’ll share some of my favorite healthy eats & recipes, tips & tricks. Here’s to your health & mine. Happy October.

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