when in toronto . . .

Porchetta & Co
825 Dundas Street W
menusandwichFirst of all, this sandwich was consumed before I began my month of health. A last hurrah you might say. And well worth the miles and miles of walking to find — at least I walked off the crusty bread roll, marinated and rolled pork, pancetta & pork belly, truffle sauce, shaved parmesan cheese, grain mustard, hot sauce & crackling otherwise known as the House Special.

I loved it all but the crackling. While it did give the melt in your mouth sandwich a much appreciated crunch, I’ve just never been a fan of crackling (I think it’s more of a guy food if I’m honest) and it lent a bitter, burnt taste to an otherwise balanced medley of sweet, spicy & earthy flavors. To me, the soft roll with firm crust and the pop of mustard seeds was just enough contrast to the pork filling and otherwise smooth toppings.

Would I go back again?  You bet but I think I’d try my own combo — somehow the rapini and mozzarella seem to be calling me as perfect partners to the porchetta itself. Oh, and get there early because there are just 5 seats in this tiny little restaurant. And a word of warning — beware of the fumes coming from graffiti artists working in the alley. The joys of an up & coming hipster neighborhood.

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