best candy bar in the world

coffee crispI know it’s supposed to be the month of health — and behind the scenes it is, I promise. But I just couldn’t go to Canada as I did, without indulging in what is truly the best candy bar in the world — The COFFEE CRISP!  The Coffee Crisp is like a giant Kit Kat bar only 100 times better. Mild coffee cream sandwiched between sweet flaky layers of wafer cookie, enrobed in milk chocolate. It’s a heavenly combination.

While in Toronto, i also searched for another childhood favorite Canadian sweet treat, to no avail — Mackintosh Toffee. Nobody I asked had ever heard of it, yet I recall eating the slabs of chewy toffee that came wrapped in a red tartan plaid cardboard sleeve like it was yesterday. Oh, Canada!  Anybody know what became of it?

2 thoughts on “best candy bar in the world

  1. Hello Mrs Roper,

    I saw your post and began wondering myself what had happened to the Mackintosh toffee bar. I am a Canadian so I remember this treat as a child. I asked around and did some investigating as to where one could find it. It seems that it only comes in wrapped pieces now and not in bar form any longer. Here are a few links I found where you can buy some online:

    And here are a few more links to stores in Toronto where my friends recall seeing it:



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