to your health — a good night’s sleep

Nothing beats a good nights sleep. I have learned the hard way of late (long story involving a new mattress, a mysterious illness, many many doctor visits and finally a realization that memory foam is a bad bad thing) investment in the right mattress is a good thing. And my mattress of choice, one I will never stray from again — The DUX bed.

dux_bed_2I bought my first DUX bed along with my first home in 2001. I bought my second for my guest room when i moved up to a multi bedroom home just a couple years later. I was all in. If anybody were to ask me what the top ten things I couldn’t live without would be, my bed would top the list for sure. So why I strayed all these years later I cannot say but I am happy to report I am back in a DUX and sleeping like a baby.

Doctors recommend the Dux bed for its back saving abilities. I recommend the DUX bed for it’s comfort and the fact it is made of all natural materials. Plus it’s simple to make and looks clean & modern with no need for a bed frame (legs screw right into the base). And it will last you a lifetime.  Do yourself a favor, make the investment. Or at least try it out at one of many hotels around the world that use these wonderful beds. You’ll be a convert I’m sure.

BEDA special thanks to Sharon, manager of the Philadelphia Duxiana store who moved mountains to get my new bed to me in 48 hours. I couldn’t have had this past month of health without her. I’m feeling great — well nourished, well exercised, well pampered, and most of all, well rested.

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