gifts for the hostess


Clockwise from upper left:  Yoku Moku cookies from Japan are delectable little tea cookies and come in giftable tins perfect for any hostess,  $20 at Neiman Marcus stores | Votivo’s Madarine Candle is an all time favorite that never goes out of style  $24 | Peach Apricot spreadable preserves from Sarabeth’s are as delicious as they sound. 13 other flavor combinations are also delicious   $11 ea |  What hostess wouldn’t adore this “lovely” jewelry tray  $19.50, available from J. Crew | The holidays wouldn’t be complete unless somebody supplied the mistletoe. Just $10, these beautifully packaged mistletoe kits from Dilly Brand, come with 2 breath mints, a push pin, and string |  All the way from Australia, super scrumptious Hot “Choccy” mix in 7 flavors made from the finest organic ingredients and sweetened with Steevia instead of sugar  $14.95 ea.

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