green with envy

Aesop-BerlinAesop is at it again. This time in Berlin. True to their remarkable vision of working with different designers to create each and every shop as a unique work of art with a focus on one material, a sink, and born from an inspired concept, this Berlin store is the most unique yet. Just look at that color! Green concrete tiles line the walls and floors creating a backdrop for the signature medicinal packaging that is clinical, industrial, cool and Berlin-like yet nature inspired, warm and inviting all at once. Bravo!

Aesop-Berlin-sinkAesop-Berlin-interiorAesop-Berlin-exterior viewAt this pace, Aesop is poised to take over the world city by city, shop by shop. I only hope they aren’t growing too fast. I would hate to see this remarkable vision come to an end.

images courtesy Weiss-Heiten Design

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