crafty little colicchio

Craft SconeYou might think that my favorite thing about chef Tom Colicchio’s New York restaurant, Craft, was the simple yet sophisticated a la carte menu; the eye rolling, moan inducing farm fresh food served family style; or even the beautiful leather wall, exposed light bulb fixtures and mile high flower arrangements to die for. But no, it was the fact that after they lovingly described the details of every item on the menu, served you the most amazing meal you’ve eaten in ages from the inventive cocktails, to an unexpected amuse-bouche, to the delicious mains and even better side dishes, all the way down to the tiny butter sandwich cookies to end the meal — when most restaurants are happy to just collect your money and send you on your way — at Craft they send you home with freshly baked chocolate chip scones for breakfast. Two meals for the price of — well maybe the price of two. It’s not inexpensive. But it’s worth every penny. And what a lovely touch.

But back to the food . . . Mains are sized for one. Starters, sides and desserts are sized for two and everything is served family style. I can honestly say I’ve never really seen a menu like that at Craft. Lists of simple things like shellfish, pasta, meats and veggies with little to no descriptions beg you to ask questions of your server. The list of sides — at least 20 different roasted, braised, sauteed or otherwise cooked seasonal vegetables, potatoes and grains — are so simple and so delicious sounding you want to order them all and nothing else. But then you would miss out on the braised and roasted fish and meats for mains or pastas and salads for starters.

Our table of 4 each tucked into our own main and shared two starters and 3 sides. All incredibly simple fare, perfectly prepared and lovingly presented that showcased the true beauty of the products. The only complaint was a bit of a long wait between courses that caused us all to dig in faster than i could shoot photos of the presentation. But I did manage a shot of the beet salad, ricotta ravioli starters and the plate I assembled of creamy polenta, braised short ribs, roasted cauliflower and hen of the woods mushrooms. Sublime!

Craft StartersIMG_3501I went home stuffed and happy. And I woke to that chocolate chip scone for breakfast that was lovely in its own right and confirmed just how special the Craft experience was.

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