guinness for all

Big fan of Hugo Guinness, here. There is something about his deceptively simple forms and sense of whimsy that does it for me — and many others so it seems. Once I may have gone in to buy a small lino print and instead, came home with an original drawing of 4 tulips in a vase from his dot series. It makes me happy to this day.

Today you can have a Hugo Guinness starting at $49.50 on a Jcrew linen t-shirt

tshirtsOr an equally whimsical lino print available in small, medium and large sizes ($400 +)

printsOr splurge for an original ink drawing in an antique frame (starting at around 2K). Love his flowers most of all.

drawingsColor has recently made its way into Hugo Guinness’ world but I’ll stick with the black and white. Artworks exclusively available at John Derian, NYC.

1 thought on “guinness for all

  1. Any chance you could share your original drawing of Hugo’s 4 tulips in a vase from his dot series? Would love to see… ❤

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