secret vegas experience

Turrell VegasArt fans, culture fans, James Turrell fans — now there is something for you all in Las Vegas. Hidden atop the Louis Vuitton store in Crystals Mall (an arresting piece of commercial architecture in its own right by Daniel Libeskind) is the appointment only, permanent light installation entitled, Akhob by the aforementioned James Turrell. And best of all, it’s free!

Appointments run every hour on the half hour for a maximum of 6 people. You are toured through the posh store where you’ll take in titanium chandeliers, modern sculptures by artists of note, vintage signature trunks and private shopping rooms before being whisked up to the third floor where peace, tranquility and introspection await.

Not necessarily what you’d expect to find in Las Vegas or a Louis Vuitton store. But the 25 minute cycle of this immersive light installation is all of these things and more. In fact, it is the perfect respite to the debauchery of the Vegas Strip where it lives.

And don’t miss the smaller Turrell installation in plain sight at the other end of the mall — a nice complement to this grander experience hidden away and only for those in the know. For appointments call:  702.730.3150

image courtesy: Louis Vuitton

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