who knew

Can we talk for a minute?  When was the last time you had a healthy, quality and satisfying meal at an airport. Never, right?  Well, hello Napa Farms Market!

Market BTerminal 2, SFO. Is it a gourmet grocery store? Is it a coffee house? Is it a bakery? Is it pizzeria? Is it a rotisserie? All of the above, thank you very much. But most of all it is just plain good!  I mean, cowgirl creamery cheese and Acme bread good for starters. Kara’s cupcakes good. SF Soup Company good. Tyler Florence real home cooked meal good — fresh carved meats, rotisserie chicken, fresh tossed salads, and comfort sides like mac and cheese or healthy ones like quinoa and kale salad. I had the aforementioned salad along side an open faced chicken salad sandwich. Maybe the best chicken salad sandwich I have ever had with it’s crispy bread base, piles of fresh pulled chicken mixed with tarragon, mayo and celery, topped with grapes and sliced apple.

Market AAnd then it only got better with Pinkberry located just around the corner.

pinkberry1I hope to be flying Virgin through San Francisco again soon.


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