speakin’ my language

Colored CandyMy uncle Richard once told me a story about my mother that he thought summed up her craziness (no love lost in this family!):  When those gourmet jelly beans were first introduced, he happened to be shopping with my mother at Marshall Fields in Chicago and they had a big display of the colorful candies — then only sold in a mixed assortment. He turns around to find my mother picking out the colors from the assortment that matched her house. “Only your mother would color coordinate candy to her living room,” was what he said as if it would make me love her less or join him in thinking she was crazy.

I don’t know, maybe I’m a chip off the ol’ block. I did, after all, get her creative genes — I might have preferred her fabulous legs but those are the breaks. You don’t get to choose now do you? I personally love the idea of matching my candy to my decor. And sure, in today’s world there are plenty of candies that you can buy in single colors if you so wish. But even more fun is a website where you can order candy, in bulk, by color.  Only want the pink Starburst candies? Or the red Skittles? Any color of the rainbow is available here.

Seems maybe my mother wasn’t crazy, just ahead of her time.

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