shine shine shine

Here’s how it’s gone in the past. I get on a health kick and I decide I want to work out X days a week for X months and I make a numbered sheet of paper that sits on my desk. Then each day I dutifully write down my activity next to the appropriate number. Old school.

A few weeks ago I started a new workout regime and I decided to chuck the idea of paper and pencil and get myself a fitness tracker. My tracker of choice: The Misfit SHINE. Why? Because it’s sexy as all hell! And it’s the only tracker that works for swimming.

Misfit ShineDesigned by an ex Apple guy, the SHINE is a sensuous disc engineered from a single piece of aircraft grade aluminum with embedded LED lights that indicate your progress with a simple tap. It’s just a bit larger than a quarter. And did I mention it looks cool?

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 11.50.10 AMClasp it on anywhere. Or wear it in a sports band like a watch (recommended for swimming). Or even wear it like a piece of jewelry in a necklace holder or mesh watchband for a fashion twist.

Looks aside, here’s the poop on the SHINE:

  1. It functions as a watch, an activity tracker and a sleep monitor (haven’t tried that yet as I don’t wear mine 24/7)
  2. You set your goals in the coordinating App and it tracks your progress
  3. Incredibly accurate at sensing your activity and recording the minutes, steps, calories burned and converts them all into a point system.
  4. For swimming, biking, tennis, basketball or soccer you’ll need to set your app to tag that activity and remember to tap 3 times before beginning so your SHINE knows you are doing something other than walking or running. Warning: This system is BETA and doesn’t always recognize the 3 taps so doesn’t always accurately track your chosen activity.
  5. Has the ability to sync with the App wirelessly but is hit or miss in doing so. The more fun option is to tap your SHINE directly on the glass of your phone and sync it manually.
  6. Doesn’t need charging. Runs on a simple watch battery you change out every 4-6 months. (Careful, opening the shine can lead to scratching if you’re not careful.)
  7. Into photographing your food? Track your meals by uploading an image to your daily log. Easier than writing it down I guess.
  8. Has the ability to link with social media making your activity a social event or friendly competition. Choose to share with just your friends or the whole Misfit community. (Also seems a great tool for sharing progress with a trainer or nutritionist.)
  9. You can see your progress by the day or the week.

Misfit AppHopefully in time, the functionality of the app will increase and the noted bugs will be worked out. But in the meantime, it sure looks good and is a fun toy. Will be interesting to see how it fares once the Apple Watch comes out next year that in addition to activity tracking (no swimming though) has a heart rate monitor plus a multitude of other functions . . . and a mega price tag.

For $99 the SHINE comes with one battery, a clap holder and a sports band. But I got mine during a back to school special for just $79.

NEWS FLASH:  Doesn’t always pay to be an early adopter. There’s a new version coming out later this year called the FLASH that is made of soft touch materials in bright colors, is slightly thicker and will run only $50. More sporty look with the same general functionality. Available now for pre-order.

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