jrink up

MrsRopers_JrinkI’m a fan of the juice cleanse (especially after the recent hot dog splurge) to get my body back on track. And now I have found a new, local juicery that not only has delicious juice in glass bottles no less, but they deliver right to your door anywhere within the Beltway between 5-8:30 AM for $10. And they have a bit more choice in green juice combos than my old mail order juicery. In fact, there are choices for all the juices and there’s not a dud in the bunch.

While Jrink has two standard cleanse packs to choose from, I prefer to put my own daily combo together to mimic the routine I’m used to — 3 green juices (I mix ’em up), 1 lemon cayenne, one pineapple mint (my absolute favorite!) and a hazelnut or almond milk to round out the day for a calorie boost and creamy treat.

If you are in the DC area, they have a shop in Dupont with another on the way in Logan Circle. Or order online. Thirty-six hour notice required for delivery.

Update November 2, 2014:  to receive a $5 discount on your first Jrink order use code  JRINKMBAR5

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