alton brown live

Alton Brown_signedFive food rules, two crazy-ass cooking demonstrations, one too many songs and a whole lot of fun. That is the Alton Brown Live! show currently traveling the country.

If you enjoyed Good Eats the TV show, then you’ll enjoy this evening of zany, story-filled fun. It’s like a 3 hour version of the TV show on steroids full of a whole lot of things, he says, they won’t let him do on TV.  I’ll say this about Alton, he’s fearless. The man will do anything to entertain. And entertain he does with a great balance of personal stories, weird science, a little cray cray, audience interaction, shameless plugs for merch and even some social media.

Splurge for seats in the front of house and you may end up on stage or donning protective ponchos.

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