worlds best sandwich

turkey sand ingredientsThere is one place and only one place where I advocate using canned asparagus and that is in my favorite sandwich of all time — The turkey, cream cheese, cranberry sauce and asparagus Mrs. Roper special. This sandwich just needs the mush factor of those canned beauties. But otherwise, it’s fresh ingredients all the way. And although the holiday is upon us, it doesn’t need to be Thanksgiving to make it. I have served this sandwich at parties for as far back as I can remember and it disappears faster than anything else, every time. So pick up a can (or two) of asparagus this week and give ‘er a whirl.

Mrs. Roper’s Turkey Sandwich:
1           Loaf fresh Ciabatta bread, sliced open like a roll
10 oz    Cream cheese, softened (use the brick kind)
3/4 c     Whole cranberry sauce
1 lb       Thinly sliced fresh turkey
1 can    Asparagus, drained

Spread top half of Ciabatta with an even layer of cream cheese. Top with cranberry sauce, pressing berries into the cream cheese. Arrange sliced turkey on bottom half of bread and top with a layer of asparagus lenghwise. Bring two halves together and cut into 3 inch sections.

Quantities may vary depending on your liking and bread size.

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