beautiful day

beautiful marqueeWhat could make a horribly rainy and miserable day seem beautiful?  Why a matinee performance of Beautiful The Carol King Musical, of course.

And that was exactly my experience on a recent Saturday where I hopped an early train to NYC only to arrive in the midst of a torrential downpour. So I hunkered down inside Penn Station (the most disgusting place on earth) and waited. When the rain subsided enough to make a run for it under an umbrella, I ventured uptown 11 soggy blocks, grabbed a quick bite of falafel and vegetarian split pea soup (at Maoz, my favorite little Times Square chain joint) before heading out in the rain again to the theater.

Packed full to the gills (Broadway theaters pack ’em in so tight you can practically see dollar signs written on every seat), I was wet, squished, cranky and starting to wonder why I had even made the trip. And then the music began . . .

A veritable walk down memory lane of musical hits from the 50’s and 60’s written by Carole King and her then husband, Gerry Goffen, punctuated by even more hits written by their Brill Building co-workers, Cynthia Weill and Barry Mann:

  • Some Kind of Wonderful
  • Take Good Care of My Baby
  • Will you Love Me Tomorrow
  • Up on the Roof
  • The Locomotion
  • One Fine Day
  • A Natural Woman
  • You’ve Got a Friend

  • You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling
  • On Broadway
  • Who Put the Bomp
  • Walkin’ in the Rain
  • We Gotta Get Out of This Place

Hit after hit rang out, all building to a crescendo of selections from Carole’s first solo album, the triumphant Tapestry and a curtain call audience participation rendition of I Feel the Earth Move.

Two and a half hours of utter amazement at what this woman accomplished in her life starting at the age of 16, marvel at the modern day performances, a little movin’ and a groovin’ and the resulting sheer joy in my heart. it was simply Beautiful.

That is, until I ventured back out into the freezing cold rain once again . . .

1 thought on “beautiful day

  1. Wow, the show sounds compelling & I’m just a bit jealous! Tragic weather all over the world – we have had hail storms in the middle of “summer” so no surprise with the volatility.

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