cold buster

M_Id_318331_ginger_teaCold season is here. I’m already one in. The best remedy I know of to clear the sinuses and sooth a prickly throat is spicy ginger tea drunk hot and often.

Mrs. Roper’s Ginger Tea

Several fingers fresh ginger, unpeeled, cut into large chunks
8 -12 oz water
1 T Honey (Manuka 12+ preferred but any type will work)
Covered sauce pan

Heat the ginger chunks in water until it reaches a rapid boil. Pour into a teacup over honey. Drink while piping hot using small sips. Refill the pot with water, cover and let sit until you are ready for your next cup. The longer the ginger soaks, the stronger the tea becomes.

Keep a pot going for several days, adding fresh water after each use. Boil before drinking.


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