best baked goods

ProofNew neighborhood for me in LA — Atwater Village — and a new bakery. A yummy bakery at that. But the offering is small so get there early if you want some of their amazing quiches, assorted croissants, biscuits and buns. Later in the day they offer sandwiches and cookies. Or order a whole cake for a special occasion.

What I like about Proof’s sweets is, they aren’t too sweet. The almond croissant has just a hint of almond paste inside. Just enough to satisfy that almond flavor craving but not so much as to ooze out when you take a bite. Sheer perfection. OK the morning bun is laden with sugar so yes it’s sweet but the dough is light as a feather. And the savory quiches come in the most interesting flavor combinations with an amazingly flaky crust.

Locals are lucky to have this one in the neighborhood. And if you like coffee, I understand they serve the best. Don’t miss the juice bar and Korean noodle place across the street either. This neighborhood is coming alive with all sorts of great places.

Proof Bakery, 3165 Glendale Blvd., Los Angeles  8-4 Tue – Sun, Closed Mondays

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