ice cream challenge

salt and straw

Today’s Contender:  Salt & Straw
Location:  Portland Oregon & Los Angeles, CA (where I visited)
Flavor:  Toasted Coconut with Candied Macadamia (vegan) & Chocolate Gooey Brownie

I know I’m supposed to love this ice cream — it’s been touted as the best in the country, the shop’s founders the darlings of the foodie world. And I have to say, I loved the experience of Salt & Straw. The shop is small and old fashioned general store cute with plenty of eye tempting goodies lining the walls and shelves as you wait your turn. The workers are super friendly, encouraging you to try as many of the flavors as you like (many unusual and even bordering on strange ) with ample spoonfuls. The portions are also quite large for the money and you can even split a single scoop into two flavors if you want. So what’s not to like?

Let’s say I’m not 100% sold on the ice cream — the texture is more chewy than creamy and rich doesn’t even begin to describe these scoops. I couldn’t even finish my split single scoop cone — me!  And I even gave it a second try the very next day, ordering more “traditional” flavors if that’s even possible here — a cookie dough chocolate swirl crunch and a pumpkin caramel swirl — with the same thoughts/results.

I will say it’s nice that they always have a vegan offering on the menu — you have to ask as it’s not marked as such. As a former vegan it is always nice to find a tasty ice cream-like treat. Although since rejoining the dairy eating contingent again, I can say with authority that nothing beats how a cream based treat coats your tongue and offers a fully rounded flavor experience.

So I say give it a try yourself. Just because it’s not my cup of tea, doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy Salt & Straw. Clearly many others think it’s worthy of plopping down their money for.

$6.25 for a double scoop plus $1.00 for the waffle cone.

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