pet peaves

I try to keep the content of this blog light and focused on sharing the things that make me happy — great design, good food and of course, travel. But every once and a while, I am tempted to take a moment to rant just a little. So please indulge me for just a minute . . .

There are two things about our current state of society that drive me crazy. Two really simple things that, honestly, I feel should be basic knowledge taught in our schools. Yet everyday I am reminded that in today’s world, kids don’t learn the basics anymore.

1) How to count change:  This is not a difficult task. Yet in today’s world, if a computer doesn’t tell a cashier how much to give back to the customer sheer panic sets in. And God forbid you give a cashier an extra coin or single so you get larger bills back — off the charts confusion and panic.

making changeCounting change is really simple. You don’t even need to know how to subtract. You just need to know how to count. Starting with the amount of the sale, simply count up change until you reach the amount you were handed in cash — coins first until you reach 100 or the next full dollar amount, then the bills. By the nature of that process, you will give back the most efficient combination of coins and bills.

2) Where/What is Washington, DC:  Twice in the past week, when I handed my driver’s license to people, they both tried to verify my number in the state of Washington. Are you kidding me?  Washington, DC is the capital of our country. It is not located in the state of Washington. In fact, it is clear across the country. It is a federally created district that houses the seat of our government. That city where the White House is. Surely you’ve heard of it? Washington, DCWhen filling it on forms, addressing a letter or looking up driver’s license numbers for that matter, Washington is the city and DC or District of Columbia acts like the state — short and long form, respectively. And every American should know this. Our nation’s capital is not located in any state. It is a small district provided for in the U.S. Constitution under the jurisdiction of Congress. It is NOT located in the Pacific Northwest, it is located on the East Coast between Maryland & Virginia.

There, I said it. Thank you for listening.

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