donut wars

donut warsDonuts are the new cupcakes. I’m not a big fan of cupcakes but I do like a good donut. Who would have thought that Southern California would become the new donut capital? Not a bad trend to find yourself in the middle of . . .

I’ve long been a fan of Stan’s Donuts in Westwood that’s been around since the dawn of time. They serve up a peanut butter and fresh banana stunner. While it’s been 20 years since I’ve had one, in my memory it is the best donut ever!

Today’s new contenders are a different breed. The hot shops around town right now are The Donut Bar — a San Diego transplant (left) and Sidecar Donuts & Coffee (right) which started in Costa Mesa and has recently made its way to LA proper. Both shops have an appetizing assortment of pretty as a picture donuts. The Donut Bar is all about scale — huge donuts with lots of crazy toppings & fillings. The bigger the better. Sidecar on the other hand, is about quality and superior taste — Smaller and a split between yeast and cake donuts with sophisticated flavors. My money is hands down on on the banana walnut cake donut from Side Car. Or maybe I just like banana in my donuts.

The Donut Bar, 18011 Newhope Street, Fountain Valley — get there early as they are only open until they sell out.

Sidecar Donut & Coffee, 270 E. 17th Street, Costa Mesa — open til 4PM daily and late on Fri and Sat nights.

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