the big one

Moving has come with all kinds of unexpected and high costs. Furniture purchases top the list. Then there are all those small items that sure add up — storage containers, light fixtures, a new shower head,  a full length mirror, newly colored towels, garbage cans, paint, extension cords, artwork, handy man services . . . the list goes on and on. That’s why I never expected to make a big ticket purchase like this: MieleThe Miele C3 Marin Vacuum Cleaner.  I liken the sticker shock to that of a luxury car — with both you are paying for impeccable German engineering. I didn’t go for top of the line but was sure to meet all my wants & needs:  canister style, power brush head, retractable cord, adjustable speeds (this one automatically adjusts to the surface you’re vacuuming — a cool feature I paid an extra $200 for), multiple cleaning attachments that hide away, great filtration, bags and easy to use.

I have had my eye on a Miele for a good 20 years. In the interim I have purchased many a vacuum, never being fully satisfied — a cheap but cute orange plastic little number that lasted about 2 years before breaking down but was perfect for my then tiny wood floor studio apartment; a Dyson upright — I sold it to a co-worker a few months later and vowed never to go bagless or upright ever again. Then I bought a pretty good workhorse in a Kenmore canister vac that I’ve had for probably 10 years now — a worthwhile $500+ investment at the time.

But then came the moth infestation. A nightmare I hope nobody ever experiences. I lost a very expensive wool rug (the source), many wool sweaters, coats, blankets & more, spent hundreds on dry-cleaning and plastic storage boxes. Sold most of my upholstered furniture. Then I moved. And then, I came across 3 tiny moths in my new place 3 months after move in. Ugh!

Out with the last of the items I could conceive of that might be hosting these little critters. Two sheepskins gone. One remaining blanket dry cleaned again. And the vacuum. All of which mind you, had been thoroughly cleaned and inspected before moving.

I’m hoping it’s just a fluke but I’m not taking any chances. My wool clothes remain sealed in airtight plastic bags & boxes, my rugs are now cotton, and I now have the vacuum of my dreams . . . for life.


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