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Moo designsWhen I travel, I always carry little calling cards that say who I am, where I’m from and give my email and blog addresses. It’s a nice way to allow people you meet along the way to contact you in the future. The challenge is creating something great looking in small quantities. Enter MOO — a digital online print house that offers just that capability.

Choose from business cards, mini cards, letter head, stickers and so much more! Pick from one of their umpteen existing designs (all with a modern sensibility and a touch of whimsy) or create and upload your own. The possibilities are endless. Square corners, round corners, matte, glossy, one sided or two sided print, colored edges, eco-conscious even. Want more than one color/design/image?  No problem, you can create each card in your order uniquely with their printfinity technology.

Let’s talk quality. I think you’ll be impressed. The standard card stock is thick and luxurious. I recently ordered a pack of 50 square business cards with rounded corners on matte stock and I just want to touch them all the time. Not to mention, they came in the cutest little box. No detail has gone undone with this company. And most of all, I love that I didn’t need to order a lifetime supply.

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