stark is back!

In Use SuitcaseI’m so excited I can barely contain myself. . . Philippe Stark has created a new line of luggage for Delsey and he has recreated the best bag I have ever bought in my entire life.

Back in the early 2000’s Stark designed a line of luggage for Samsonite. It was mainly available in Europe but I, being the style junkie that I am, tracked it down at the now defunct Conran’s store in NYC. I bought 2 pieces — a medium two wheeler and a duffle in a charcoal grey color. It was the most sophisticated and unique luggage on the market, not to mention BEAUTIFUL!  The suitcase saw it’s day several years ago but that duffel bag is still with me today. It is the perfect carry-on/weekend bag that fits perfectly over the shoulder and looks FABULOUS!  I get more compliments on this bag than anything else I have ever owned. And now, you can own one too.suitcase

The new version by Delsey (I have worked with Delsey before to develop a line of luggage and they make a good bag — no detail goes unconsidered. So know this is quality stuff and not just a designer name slap) is slightly different in it’s construction, the color appears to be darker yet the fabric texture similar and some new features have been added for the modern age we now live in.

What’s the Same:

  • The basic shape
  • The elongated metal handles
  • The perfect length straps
  • Ample interior space

What’s Different:

  • My bag has hidden zippers down the sides that allow for expansion. When zipped the size of the bag is almost like an oversized purse
  • My bag has a fold over flap on the outside to access a large exterior pocket
  • My bag includes a small zipper compartment on the top that’s perfectly sized and easily accessible for your keys or phone

What’s New:

  • The Desley bag is made of an antibacterial, anti-stain, waterproof material inside and out
  • The Delsey bag has a proprietary anti-theft, data protection system — no scanning of personal info through this bag. (Love this feature!)
  • The price — a whopping $410

But don’t let this scare you. I’ve used my bag for nearly 15 years — well worth any price. Now I’m just trying to decide if I want another. Hmmmmmm?!?

StarkTrip by Delsey

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