here hear detroit

This is just plain cool. And Detroit, is kinda the last place I would expect to find cool to be honest. But when a guy like Nick Cave attends The Cranbrook Academy of Art in white suburbia and looks to the city to connect with “his people” as he says, amazing things happen. In between, Detroit has deteriorated beyond belief while Nick Cave has risen to great heights. Bring the two back together at the perfect moment in time and WOW!

The exhibition actually started back in April with a performance series of Nick Cave in his monumental Sound Suits in and around the city. Videos of these performances make up just part of the gallery exhibition. In addition you’ll find 30 of Cave’s sound suits on display, new sculpture works, recent murals, and more . . . But that’s not all — there are dance labs, educational components, performances and community events taking place between now and October to round out the happening.

I’m feeling a trip home a comin’ . . . (see more on my last trip to Cranbrook here)

Nick Cave Here Hear now through October 11, 2015  Cranbrook Museum of Art, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

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