ice cream challenge

Handel's Ice Cream

Today’s Contender:  Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream
Location:  Ohio based with scattered USA locations including Redondo Beach, CA
Flavor:  Graham Central Station

This could be one of the best flavors of ice cream I have ever tasted. Graham flavored ice cream with graham cracker swirls and chocolate covered crunchies of some sort. It’s their most popular flavor and I understand why.  Even with its whipped-like texture (an airy, almost dry texture i don’t normally like or associate with premium ice cream) it’s damn good. I haven’t stopped thinking about it since i took that first bite. And that’s saying something.

If you ever find yourself near a Handel’s, stop by and have a scoop. Or better yet splurge on a sampler — 4 giant scoops in a take out box for just $5. And the best part, the people in line (there will be a line!) all compare notes and help each other decide on flavors. It’s not only good ice cream but a good time.

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