dressing made easy

system 1 Systen 2 System 3 Systen 4 System 5Let’s face it girls, all you really have in your closet is black, black, white & maybe a little grey. It’s just so much easier that way. Everything mixes and matches. It’s practical. It’s slimming. Travel is super easy not to mention the day to day. You can practically get dressed with your eyes closed and look put together and different every day.

The new “System” from Eileen Fisher is a great core black wardrobe — a couple pair of black pants, a long skirt, a pair of jeans, a few tops & tanks, a couple sweaters and boom you can look put together and be comfortable all at once. With a core wardrobe like this you can always add on a fashion piece here and there to liven things up when you just can’t resist that gotta have trend. But one thing I’ve learned over the years, those amazing statement pieces don’t add up to something to wear to work everyday.

Hey, I’m a fashion girl who grew up shopping non-stop, started my work life with an internship at Seventeen Magazine, owned a clothing store and love love love my avant-garde Yoji Yamamoto coat more than anything. But there’s something to be said about practical. I’ve always loved the concept of a uniform but have never quite had the discipline to do it. The mix and match system seems the perfect solution. I’m diggin’ it!

See just how simple it is here

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