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Even though in stark contrast to the quiet voice of my most favorite brand, I can’t help but holler about the new website from Aesop. Of course, this is how they so eloquently announced themselves:

Aesop entryCome screaming or ever so quietly . . . upon entering the site you will find detailed documentation of the designs for many of their stores around the world. One after the other. Each unique. All specimens to behold and admire.




AESOP-AU-FLINDERS-LANE-7-7AESOP-FR-LE-MARAIS-10-2 AESOP-AU-NORTH-MELBOURNE-8-4I am tickled pink (and still a little bit amazed) that they can keep up this rapid growth of what I will call not just lovely stores, but true design experiences around the globe. Wouldn’t it be a fun journey to try to visit them all?  I have yet to get to all the outlets in just the cities I frequent: Melbourne, Los Angeles & New York — let alone the ones further afield. But now, whenever the urge strikes with just the click of a mouse, I can see what beauty awaits me should I ever choose to take this journey.

images courtesy:  taxonomy of design

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