a little oz in the oc

Pie NotThere’s a little bit of Australia right here in Orange County, CA:  Pie Not the Aussie Style Bakery. Crappy photos aside, it’s the place where you can get some serious down home Aussie fare. The food of football games and 20 years ago. The meat pie.

Sadly there is no  “Sauce” (ketchup) offered with these pies — a real miss but otherwise, here’s the poop . . . the classic meat pie known as The Dog’s Eye is pretty darn good. Although it would be better with sauce. The sausage roll, also missing sauce on the side, was less good — the filling a bit too sweet and overly ground for my liking. The lamington, on the other hand, a chocolate & coconut dipped square of sponge cake, is a real winner even without jam filling. Whether or not the jam filling is needed is an age old, unsettled argument down under. But either way, this little or rather large square of goodness that sounds so simple and unappealing, is a must have.

So if you have a hankering for some real old-fashioned Aussie goodness, give Pie Not a try.  270 E 17th Street, Costa Mesa, CA

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