all that and a bag of chips — 2015 holiday gift guide

WomenPretty Stuff:  Double the pleasure, this Blue Stone Candle, red current scented, becomes a beautiful treasure box when finished burning  $85  |  Stoneware pitcher that comes in nearly as beautiful a box. Destined to be a classic from Royal Dalton  |  A modern take on the lavender sachet for Eileen Fisher  $28 set of 3

MensCManly Stuff:  Give the gift that keeps on coming . . . subscription shave supplies from Dollar Shave Club  $40-100  |  Bluetooth headphone beanie eliminates the uncomfortable tether to your device $59  The unexpected bouquet of Salami from the charcuterie geniuses at Olympia Provisions. Starting at  $50

star warsStar Wars Stuff:  My favorite bedding company has teamed up with Disney & JCrew to bring you the ultimate in fandom sleeping experiences. Chewie or Darth Vader twin duvet cover & pillow case sets.  $90.  |  No bedroom would be complete without one’s very own light saber. Also available at JCrew  $34.50

ig BasicsBig Stuff:  A full pound of Sea Salt from the coast of Maine. Because everything is better with sea salt  $18    A sassy, giant bottle of wine from Target makes the perfect office gift  $12.99 only available in select stores.  Five pounds of fun in nut form. This colossal bag of pistachios is a classic holiday gift  $45

sweet treatsFood Stuff:  Because you can never go wrong with food gifts.  Bread pudding sampler from Schulzies, San Francisco. Yumm!  Starting at $48  Twelve days of Christmas ice cream sandwich set from Nyes Cream with flavors like raisin bread pudding, pumpkin cranberry spice, caramel latte and more … Each one comes numbered for a holiday surprise every day.  $70  Get set for new years with Champagne flavored marshmallows dipped in real gold!  $24

Bfast2Breakfast Stuff:  An entire cookbook dedicated to The Egg. One in a series of single ingredient cook books written by expert chefs, designed with retro styling and hand stitched.  $14  |  Who can resist this giant jug of pure maple syrup  $68  |  What does maple syrup go on best . . . waffles. This clever keyboard waffle iron is perfect for your breakfast loving techie.  $85

customizedPersonalized Stuff:  Some like it hot! Personalize a bottle of Sriracha for just $9  |  Who wouldn’t love a personalized jar of Nutella?  Only available in the UK (Selfridges) and Australia (Meyers).  $8 in store only  |  Personalize a Coke or an entire case with the names of your friends & family. Available online starting at $5 for an 8 oz bottle.

Lays_Do_Us_a_Flavor2015A Bag of Chips:  The 2015 line up of finalists from the “Do Us A Flavor” competition are on shelves now for a limited time. I’m thinkin’ the truffle fries sound awfully good but the grand prize winner of a million dollars and chip fame:  Southern Biscuits & Gravy. Try them all with a holiday gathering taste off.  Gift pack  $38.99

1 thought on “all that and a bag of chips — 2015 holiday gift guide

  1. I an looking for the biscuit an gravy chips.they are the best tasting chips to me an I can’t find them anywhere.
    Can you pls. Tell me where I might find or get any?

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